Orhaniye Marti Marina
: 36° 46' N 28° 7' E
: 73
: +90 (0)252 487 1063
: +90 (0)252 487 1066
: reservation@martimarina.com
: http://www.martimarina.com
The marina in Turkey in the city of Marmaris has a complete range of services available to its customers, which include water and electricity.. This medium-capacity marina has moorings for super yacht size, because it has moorings for boats with a maximum length of up to 45.00 m and a maximum draught of 20.00 m.. If you are looking for a port with nautical services, Marti Marina has some available.

If your boat has a trailer, this is an ideal marina for short excursions without having to moor, since it is equipped with a place lower your boat into the water and place to leave it on land. Those who enjoy playing nautical sports at sea may request more information at the marina about the various sporting activities, which it arranges.
: 300 yachts
Drought Max.
: 20 m
Length Max.
: 45 m
 Drinking Water
 Bar & Restaurant
 Travel Lift
 Dressing Room
 Service Station
 Harbour Master

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