Introducing "The New Generation"

The construction techniques, used technology and the offered comfort of this particular type vessels, we believe, needs to be recategorized. And we would like to name it as "The New Generation".

New generation is attempting to set a new standard of luxury yachts within Turkey’s traditional yacht grounds.

The aim is to have a new style, modern day comforts, charms of tradition and higher performance for sailing.

It is a totally new class of sailing yacht with Mediterranean styling and the cutting-edge performance luxury yacht that boasts pure elegance.

Close attention to detail is paid throughout her design, construction and fit out, benefitting from many ingenious solutions to make life easier on board while enjoying the uncompromised quality of the interior finishing and decor. Distinguished and comfortable, sophisticated and seaworthy, New Generation establishes a new definition for luxury yacht in Turkey.

Complete and well-conceived The New Generation does more than justice to all the contemporary requirements for styling, functionality and sheer beauty.

The New Generation is fitted with the latest technology for ease of navigation, sailing and maneuvering, along with hi-tech rigging and sails allow a performance which far surpasses that of a Traditional Gulet, this “stand-out” yacht into a classification of her own.

The details of quality and material has paid to it’s construction and fit out, benefitting from many experience and knowledge to make her to have the best finish and strength.

This is a real “go anywhere” sailing yacht, made for 'real' sailing whilst living luxuriously on board.

Modern day comforts and the charms of tradition, this is what new generation is all about.

Sincerely Yours,
Okan Korkut
36.90 mt. ǀ 4,400,000 €  

43.20 mt. ǀ 7,500,000 €  

49.70 mt. ǀ 9,850,000 €  

42.20 mt. ǀ 4,250,000 €  

35.88 mt. ǀ 3,500,000 €