Refit & Maintenance
To maintain a yacht in a seaworthy state and complete readiness, more comprehensive maintenance is required. We are proud to offer most services necessary to keep your boat in good condition, like engine's overhaul, lift out works, pumps and A/C servicing, teak deck replacing, interior reconstruction and instalation of new systems (e.g. sewage tank, plumbing, electronics) If you need a refit, winter maintenance or would like to upgrade some aspect of your yacht, or just need some advice, we invite you to explore the possibilities with Gulet Group.
Wheather your yacht needs a major refit or simply a routine maintenance; our dedicated technical team will assist you with the maximum of attention for your full satisfaction.
Our skilled personnel are very well aware of the importance of managing all projects with timely precision. Our administration and invoicing network uses a proven reporting format that documents all labour, hours, tasks performed and materials purchased on a daily basis. The complexity of this documentation is essential for refit and maintenance projects and is available to both the client and the contractor for efficient job costing and progress management.
Since 1992 we have built up unique relationships with the best local workers and specialists in Marmaris and the surrounding area.
Gulet Group team consists of internationally experienced executives, masters and marine specialists.
Modern finishes are much more than just paint, instead they are systems made up of a combination of coatings each applied in the correct sequence under carefully controlled conditions to produce a high performance finish. If applied correctly, they provide chemically cured finishes resistant to abrasion, chalking, corrosion and chemical attack, protecting your valuable investment against the harsh marine environment. We pride ourselves on providing the best service of painting, producing fantastic finishes with a mirror like gloss on vessels.
Traditional teak decks can be fitted with impeccable finish as a result of the yard facilities and staff expertise at Gulet Group. Teak decks can look simply stunning and will inevitably add a very luxurious dimension to your boat. We also offer a complete deck refurbishment service. This traditionally involves the replacement of the caulking as required, sanding down the caulking together with the complete deck surface.
Stainless Steel
We can answer all your custom stainless and aluminium fabrication, repairs and polishing needs: External: Plates, rollers, tops, pulpits, handrails, racks, steps, ladders, arches, stands and rails. Internal: Top of the range storage, washing, cooking and extractor systems for the yacht kitchen.
Master Carpentry
Complete custom crafted yacht carpentry, old world craftsmanship blended with today's superior products. Our quality craftsman also design and build yacht furnishings such as cabinets, tables, entertainment centers and consoles, and fabricate and install teak and holly soles and flooring. Additionally, we refit and upgrade galleys, saloons, heads and cabins with new veneer, solid surface and granite countertops.
A full upholstery service is available offering a wide selection of quality fabrics covers, new foams, recovering of existing foams*, to a complete re-design of your upholstery, curtains, bedding and accessories. We understand the importance of all round comfort and a good nights sleep. In response to this we offer a superb range of foams that will give you an unrivalled level of comfort and when combined with modern fabrics can totally change the appearance and comfort in and around your vessel.
Interior Fittings
We can help you with all the interior items which need replacement and updating: lamps, mirrors, tables, chairs, marble tops, bathrooms. No matter who or where your yacht was built, or how special the item is, we can find an original or a replacement.
Safety Equipments
Advising on safety & equipment requirements as well as supply parts to comply with these regulations.
Ensuring your vessel meets the stringent safety requirements for your vessel.
Life raft services.
Supplying of safety equipment / certification.
Disinfection. Vermin control.
Dry Docking
The yard is capable to host 240 yachts on the hard at the same time. There is a travel lift of 20 tons for smaller yachts and a cradle for bigger ones. The cradle may pull out yachts that are up to 200 tons of weight. The travel lift and automatic crane offers to facilitate the manaouvre of boats in and out of water efficiently. Since some draught depths of specially designed yachts may require a technical modification on the cradle.
Berthing & Customs
Without good local knowledge and contacts, getting what you need can be difficult, time consuming and sometimes disappointing. Let PONSEC take care of all of your needs and simply enjoy your time here;
  • Berth reservations
  • Liaison with Port, Customs and other agencies Liaison for fresh water, bunkering, dry docking, garbage disposal.
  • Official translations and documents.
  • Notary and legal services.
Dry Stores
We have a stock of over 12,000 boat parts, sailing equipment and general chandlery products in our yacht equipment store. We offer boat and yacht supplies from only the quality marine brands.
  • Personalized Linen Uniforms – accessories
  • Yacht Equipments
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