Consultancy & Management
The technical back-up and purchasing advantages are two main subjects which an established company staffed with long-serving yachtsmen can provide.There is considerable overlap, and it is often difficult to absolutely separate some of the different functions. One principal is the backbone of the business - and that is that the owner pays a fee for the yacht to be managed (in any or all of the above ways) and he then expects, and is entitled to receive, a professional service rendered by a team of industry specialists - and all disbursements charged to the account at actual cost price. That is what we do.
Buying a boat privately presents potential pitfalls for the unwary. Does the vendor actually own the boat? Does it comply with current legislation? Our brokers and yacht agents have knowledge of the requirements of the law that requires boats to comply with certain safety standards.
Gulet Group Management will take every care in every step of your purchasing progress.
Many yachting projects are not completed as desired due to difficulties establishing the full scope of work and receiving time sensitive bids from vendors that encompass the full project.
Scope of work "creep" is a real problem for many yachting projects and having a project management team on your side can help eliminate this problem.
You are a seller or buyer; we don’t provide consultancy and management services to only who are listed sellers or buyers who purchase to one of our listed boats on our database, we as Gulet Group International Brokerage provide consultancy and management services listed below to all sellers and buyers for any yacht sales.
  • Yacht purchase legal formalities
  • Import and export formalities
  • Commitment and alteration contracts
  • Re-Registration
  • Marine laws
  • Class certification
  • Feasibilities for commercial purposes
  • Valuation
  • New construction process
  • Yacht insurance
  • Designing
  • Marine engineering
  • Surveying & Surveyors
  • Worldwide yacht delivery
  • Maintenance
  • Charter contracts & Management
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