Hellenic Register Of Shipping
HRS is a non-governmental International Organization, dedicated to the safeguarding of life and property at sea, the prevention of marine pollution and the quality assurance in industry. Since its foundation in 1919, Hellenic Register of Shipping (H.R.S.) has developed a network of survey offices worldwide, manned mostly by exclusive surveyors.
H.R.S. serves the international maritime and industrial communities offering the following services:
1. Surveys and classification of all types of vessels and offshore installations.
2. Supervision and plan approval of new buildings, conversions, and/or modifications of vessels, offshore installations, machinery, boilers and industrial components and materials.
3. Statutory surveys and issuance of relevant certificates on behalf of 28 Governments.
4. Safety Management Certification of ship Managing companies as well as their ships in compliance with the ISM Code.
5. Quality Systems certification in compliance with the ISO 9000 series standards.
6. Environmental Management Systems Certification against the ISO 14001 standard.
7. Publication and codification of technical rules and regulations.
8.Certification in compliance with International Ship & Port Facility Security Code.
In May 1994, the society made available its revised Rules and Regulations in line with the IMO resolutions and the IACS Unified Requirements. The majority of new buildings and ships submitted to conversion or modification in the Greek Shipyards are made under HRS’ supervision. It is to be noted that most ships of the Hellenic Navy built in Greece, are under HRS’ supervision.
The Society has signed official agreements with major international Classification Societies for mutual representation and exchange of technology. H.R.S. acts as a consultant to the Hellenic Ministry of Merchant Marine on technical matters and participates as the permanent technical adviser to the Greek IMO Delegation and to other governmental delegations.
Having expanded its services, HRS has succeeded to supervise the building of almost all kinds of metallic constructions in Greece and abroad, while it has been accredited as a Notified Body to inspect and certify a variety of products, i.e.: lifting appliances; scaffolds; pressure vessels; boilers; machines; recreational staff. Its activities in the industrial field are constantly expanding, following the increasing relevant requirements of the European Union and of the market.
Also, HRS plays a leading role in the Research and Development of the maritime industry, participating in several research programs in cooperation with many Greek and foreign institutes.
Finally, the Society follows all developments in maritime legislation and marine technology and updates its technical personnel accordingly, keeping at the same time, close contact with its clients and informing them on the above matters.
1.1 Brief history
Hellenic Register of Shipping, founded in 1919, is the continuity and the development of the "Veritas Hellenique et Regalements de Classification des Navires", which was established back in 1870 by the "Banque Maritime Archangel". In spite of the various constraints and problems it encountered during this stormy and restless period in the eastern Mediterranean, it has been able to survive, grow up and gain expertise, knowledge and experience in the marine classification and surveying sector. The Greek Maritime Administration has granted official recognition since 1919,the year it was established and embodied HRS in the national shipping infrastructure system.
1.2 HRS mission
The mission of HRS is " to serve the interest and the needs of the public, as well as of our clients, by promoting the security of life and property and by preventing the pollution of the natural environment ". It is mainly chased through the development and verification of Rules and technical standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine related activities.
1.3 Management
The management has been completely restructured in 2001. Since that period, considerable efforts and investments towards improving and modernizing the overall organization of the Society have been made, as well as for creating closer relations with the shipping community. During that period of time, Hellenic Register of Shipping has been able to demonstrate its strong will to upgrade its services, establish reasonable fees and, generally, create a practically better climate within the classification sector.
1.4 Personnel
33 exclusive highly qualified surveyors in the Head Office (28 marine and 5 shore industry surveyors), 18 surveyors in Greek ports and 15 all over the world, are employed. Furthermore, 22 technical -9 of whom are directors/principals- and 31 administrative personnel support the overall operation of the Society. In addition to this, HRS is represented in most significant ports world-wide by surveyors of other classification societies on the basis of specific mutual agreements. During the new management period, highly experienced personnel coming from Greek Maritime Inspectorate have joined the society, together with carefully selected naval architects and marine engineers.
Classification And Statutory Certification For Ships In Service
The ship owners, having their ships classed with HRS, enjoy:
High standards of quality and reliability for all kinds of ships based on HRS Rules and Regulations which are continuously updated in compliance with the latest requirements of the International Maritime Organization, the European Union , the Individual Administrations and the International Association of Classification Societies
Reliable and efficient Statutory Certification in accordance with the I.M.O. International Codes, Conventions and Regulations in force.
HRS Surveyors being well acquainted with the aforementioned requirements and having a wide knowledge and experience guarantee the high quality of the services offered on all kinds of surveys mentioned hereunder required for the ships classed with HRS.
1. Annual, Intermediate and Special or Continuous surveys of Hull and Machinery.
2. Dry-Docking Surveys.
3. Shaft Surveys.
4. Boilers & Pressure Vessels Surveys.
5. Refrigerating Installations Surveys.
6. Occasional Surveys due to damage, Port State Control interventions, implementation of new Regulations, Conversions or Repairs etc.
7. Statutory surveys covering individual Conventions requirements relating to: Load Lines , Tonnage Measurement, Passenger Ship Safety, Life Saving Appliances, Fire Protection, Fire Detection and Extinction, Radio Equipment, Grain Loading, 8. Marine Pollution Prevention, Collision Prevention, Liquefied Gas Carrier, Chemical tankers etc.
9. Permanent Technical Support of high level is offered to the clients, guaranteed by the experience gained during the extensive history of HRS as a Classification Society, and based on modern scientific methodology and practice.
The high standards of our services offered, ensure the compliance of the classed fleet to the applicable requirements, in co-operation with the Flag Administrations, Port State Controls, etc. with the constant main objective for safer ships and cleaner seas.

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