Wordwide Delivery

We will take the time to pay attention to every little detail to ensure a smooth and trouble free delivery to port or marina in the world.

Professionalism, safety and transparency are at the heart of Gulet Group delivery services.

We understand how precious your vessel is to you and will therefore treat her with the utmost care. Before we set out we thoroughly check all functions of the boat systems, rigging, electronics and fittings.
This includes a detailed checklist covering the function of more than a hundred items of equipment and fittings from pushpit to pulpit and keel to masthead. Anything that is not serviceable and might have an effect on the delivery passage will be reported on and rectified before setting out.

During Delivery
How does it work in practice once the formalities are complete and it’s finally time to get underway?

This is where the skippers really prove their mettle, by establishing and maintaining a rate of progress towards the destination that will minimize delay.

Whenever possible, of course, this progress will be under sail but it is a fact of life that when the wind dies away or is stubbornly on the nose, the boat’s engine will also come into play.

Safety is always the first priority and the skipper’s judgement at sea is never questioned. If he (or she) decides that the conditions are too rough to proceed then there’s nothing more to be said and they head for shelter, if possible. On the other hand, the level of experience and sailing expertise of Gulet Group skippers allows them to make good progress in conditions of wind and wave that would keep most leisure sailors firmly in their bunks on dry land.

The company’s policy is to sail conservatively and not over-stress sails, rigs or engines but it is also a fact that most owners under-estimate the design capabilities of their yachts and what they can do in safety when well -reefed down and handled with confidence and care. It takes a great deal to stop a determined delivery skipper.

From the moment we leave the marina until we reach our destination you will be in a position to follow the progress of the delivery. This service will be offered for free as the feedback from our clients tells us how they enjoyed being able to follow the passage on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Gulet Group will present you with a full delivery report including the complete log of the passage. Another part of the aftercare is to assess your yacht and its systems upon arrival to give you a full picture of its condition and an outlay of any repairs or modifications that might be necessary. We will make sure your yacht receives a deep clean and is in excellent condition upon delivery, ready to be sailed.

Over the years our professional skippers have taken yachts all over the world, thousands of miles of experience in an amazingly wide range of vessels.

Our delivery teams are highly experienced highly qualified and take a professional pride in their work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.