The Cost Of Owning A Gulet
In between May and September is charter season in Turkey and the Gulet owners accept the heights price. There for from October to April is the best time to purchase a Gulet. Make sure that you use recently updated brokerage web sites to compare the prices. If you are interested in new construction, check first 1 or 2 years old ones to have an idea about the costs. Please note that it should b e same size, material, labor and equipment.

The profit margin
When it comes to bargaining, keep in mind that, although mark-up rates vary according to owner volume, profits on new boats are generally 15-20% over construction cost and labor about 25%. After-market equipment installed by the owner is marked up roughly 40%. The going broker commission rate on used boats is 10%, so buying directly from a builder can reduce costs but a good broker can have a better price from the owner as well so you will be protected for possible problems by a broker.

How do you know it’s a fair price?
A good broker can give you an idea about value of the Gulet you are interested in. If you are still not confident, have your boat inspected before purchase. A marine surveyor will give a valuation as part of a written report.

The cost of owning a Gulet
Your boat’s price tag and the interest on your boat loan, if you have one, are foreseeable, obvious costs of ownership. It’s the not-so-obvious costs, however, that can take the wind out of your sails if you have not budgeted for them. These include one-time fees, like sales tax, or recurring ones, like storage, personal property taxes, slip rental, maintenance and insurance.

Keep in mind that the yearly cost of operating, maintaining and repairing or replacing equipment averages could cost as much as 10% of your boat’s value. Age, use (racing, rather than daytrips, for example), hull material, and quality of construction all affect annual expenses.

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