Advertisement & Marketing Ideas
Getting your boat shipshape in terms of cosmetics and repairs is the first step towards getting her sold.

Getting the word out is the next step. To book ads in brokerage web-sites are an obvious choice, but don’t overlook international boating publications. Word of mouth, brochures and CDs are also effective.

Prepare a complete list of the accessories that will convey with the boat.

Be prepared to show prospects your original bill of sale, certificate of documentation as well as maintenance and repair records. Buyers may also be interested in your insurance costs, so they can estimate their own expenses.

Post “For Sale” signs on your boat but be aware that some brokers will eschew to list your boat if you have contact numbers on the sign.

Be there for buyers! GSM is handy, but a live person is better when it comes to selling. Return messages and e-mails promptly. Keep noting of who you talk to and follow up on inquiries.

A yacht broker will know when and where to advertise your yacht to the public. Over 75% of yacht transactions are cooperative sales through other yacht brokers. Through worldwide Multiple Listing Services and other marketing networks, a broker has the tools to maximize exposure to your yacht.

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2017 Düsseldorf Boat Show
New: THE WAVE – the first Standing Deep Water Wave.
Excursion into the world of super yachts.
New: boot INTERIOR presents furnishings for the luxury segment.
Sailing sports in Halls 14 to 17 with over 360 exhibitors.
To the tune of 1,800 exhibitors from 60 countries in 17 exhibition halls.